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Natural, fresh and tasty!

Hello there! My name is Sophia and I am the woman behind Paletas. I was born and raised in Southern California, where I developed a love for Mexican culture, Mexican food and of course their delicious paletas.

What makes paletas special from store bought ice lollies is that they are made with   whole fruit unlike most store bought natural ice lollies which contain mainly apple juice as a sweetener and filler. Paletas are not made with fruit juice and are made using only the fruit that is listed in the flavour, resulting in a far superior texture and taste. In the creamy paletas, real organic cream or milk is added, nothing substitutes the real thing. There is never anything artificial added!

There is a wide range of vegan options, a delicious refreshing fruity treat for anyone!


Based in Bristol, stocking shops across the UK.

Lets chat!

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